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Choose the chocolates you want to be in your box. 

Preferably choose 6 or 12 pralines, as that is the size of the boxes available. Of course, it is fine to choose a different number of pralines as well, but then the box will not be fully filled.


Allergens found in all choices are as follows:



Build your own box (price per praline)

  • For best shelf life, keep the pralines cool (6°C - 12°C), the shelf life is then at least 2 - 3 weeks.

    It is also possible to freeze them for increased durability.

  • When ordering a box of 6 chocolates, use the following code: ASK6, to pay for only 5 chocolates.

    When ordering a box of 12 pralines, use the following code: ASK12, to pay for only 9 pralines.

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